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November 30, 2011
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MM: Sarasa Shion by laexdream MM: Sarasa Shion by laexdream
[NEW] My new update~~ Yay, Rank 3~<3
+3300MP for my revamp



Her tumblr

Sarasa Shion



<Year Level>
Year Two

Parasol - when she opens it and thrusts it towards the sky, the can cast spells. Or she could whack things with it when closed. She was trained to go outside with a parasol, so it's become a habit for her to carry it everywhere.

VI - Lovers

<Arcana Rank>
Rank 3




120 lbs

April 3rd


- Handsome Men (Jiin)
- Cute and fluffy things
- The colour pink
- Rules and order
- Cleanliness

- People who are rude
- Junk Food (Sweets don't count)
- Arguing and fighting

She falls in love easily. Right now, at school, she is in love with Jiin the Shopkeeper. That's why she'll go lengths to buy stuff from him, whether useful or not.
Her love is very passionate - she'll love with all her heart.
She's kind of naive. And a stickler for rules, having grown up in that kind of environment. She's innocent and forward, a bit headstrong but shy at times. She blushes quite often. She's awkward in some ways, because she doesn't know how to interact with people.
She doesn't like to fight. She is very polite, and her language is the same.

- Her kindness.
- Her intelligence.
- Her charm?
- She likes to help people out
- She can sew very well
- And cook
- She puts effort into her work

- Handsome Men.
- Her weak disposition
- Teachers or people with authority
- Her naivety and innocence
- She does not like being outside alone
- She's timid towards girls

Sarasa came from a rich and well established family. Pampered and sheltered, she never knew the outside world. Her parents were strict but kind, but they couldn't bear for their only child to be let into the outside world. So Sarasa only read about love and boys in the sanctuary and cage of her home. Until one day, her parents held a party, and she met him.
She fell in love quickly and surely, and you'd think that love would come to her, and she would've lived happily ever after, the end. But no, he never paid any attention to her. And so, her first love, to this day, is still burning in her heart.
Not that that stopped her from crushing on anyone else.
She decided that she wanted to see more handsome boys, and to do that, she could not be trapped in her parent's embrace anymore.
She decided to be independent. And so she arrived at this school.

- Her first love eerily resembles the persona Narcissus, both physically and mentally.
- The ribbon in her hair is indeed the school ribbon
- She likes the persona Poltergeist, but alas, she does not have that arcana.
- She's quite useless...?
- She has lots of different colours of roses for her hair to match her normal clothes.
- She has different colours of parasols as well.
- She has never played a video game - ever.
- Loves flowers and ikebana

<Morphos Points>
(her piggybank )

-Marastaff x 1
-Secondary Character Sheet (Not completed)
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lily-kat Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014   Digital Artist
Hi Laex!! Are you already in a team with Sarasa for this event?
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your daughter is so precious aaaaa //////////////
laexdream Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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laexdream Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank youuuuu<33333
I worked really hard on this one xDD I feel like it took a few years off my life xDDD = u = Narcissus is the hardest person to draw. I can't draw naked men.... orz
IMAKINATION Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, but you did a nice job with it! <3 You've done great!!
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